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White Fungus is more dangerous than Black Fungus; Learn how to rescue - BatmiExpress


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White Fungus is more dangerous than Black Fungus

White Fungus
: A few days ago, while dealing with the corona crisis, a disease called black fungus came to the fore. While patients with this disease are now beginning to appear, another more dangerous disease called white fungus has come to light.

It is more dangerous than the black fungus and has been found to cause lung infections. It also affects the skin, nails, the inside of the mouth, the intestines, the private parts of the kidneys, and the brain. All of these patients in Patna had corona symptoms. All their tests were done. But none of the tests found it corona positive.

Corona drugs also had no effect on them. Further investigations revealed that it was a type of white fungus. The patient was then cured with anti-fungal drugs. This disease is difficult to diagnose.

But many reports come in the same negative. But corona-like symptoms and sputum discharge can be diagnosed.

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