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Jharkhand Police Collects Rs 35 Lakh Fine From Those Without Masks - BatmiExpress


The Jharkhand Police has enforced stricter lockdown provisions and has collected over Rs 35 lakh as fine from people without a mask in public places. 

“Enforcing provisions for the safety of masses during the ongoing restrictions, the state police has collected Rs 35.68 lakh as fine from masses violating norms of wearing masks till May 11,” said senior police official Neeraj Sinha. 

They took action against 42,714 people for not wearing masks during the period and 71 cases of violation were registered against them. 

The new restrictions include mandatory seven day's home or institutional quarantine for people visiting the state barring those who will leave the state within 72 hours.

The state has already prohibited all indoor and outdoor congregations of over five persons. 

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