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Karachi: Terrible train accident in Pakistan: Two trains collided, killing 30 and injuring more than 50


Karachi: Terrible train accident in Pakistan,Karachi,Sir Syed Express,Millat Express
Karachi: Terrible train accident in Pakistan

Karachi: A major train accident has taken place at Ghotki in Pakistan's Sindh province. The Sir Syed Express hit the Millat Express. The tragic accident took place between Reti and Dharki stations. In which about 30 people were killed and several others were said to be injured. According to Pakistani news agency ARY News, rescue and relief teams rushed to the spot as soon as they heard the news.

The accident was so severe that one express derailed and the other derailed, causing severe damage to the coaches. The incident took place in the Ghotki district of Sindh province on Monday morning. Meanwhile, the cause of the accident is not understood.

In Ghotki district in Sindh province, two railway express trains collided head-on. The Sir Syed Express train derailed after hitting the Millat Express, Ghotki district police officer Usman Abdullah said, according to the Associated Press.

Police have rushed to the spot after getting information about the accident. Since then, relief and rescue operations have begun. At this time, the citizens of the area rushed forward for help. The villagers helped to get the dead and injured passengers out of the train. The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

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