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Sex For Oxygen Cylinder: The neighbor demanded sex for the oxygen cylinder - BatmiExpress


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New Delhi:
The ordinary person is facing many problems due to a lack of vaccines and oxygen. Similarly, a shocking incident has taken place in Delhi. An annoying incident has taken place where a man demanded physical comfort from a young woman in exchange for an oxygen cylinder. The incident has sparked a wave of outrage on social media.

Corona's severe crisis is getting darker day by day. There is a shortage of oxygen. Similarly, a young woman's tweet is currently being discussed on social media. A young woman reported on Twitter that her friend's father had contracted a corona and poor health. They needed oxygen. A friend's sister told a neighbor that she needed an oxygen cylinder. But the man asked her for comfort in exchange for an oxygen cylinder.

There is an atmosphere of anger among the users after reading the tweet made by the young lady. Users advised the victim to file a complaint against the culprit. Some asked her to report to the RWA in her area. Some even revealed the name of the suspect. However, the accused has denied all the allegations. He further added that he was completely innocent in the case.

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