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Elon Musk may release its cryptocurrency signs on Twitter. - BatmiExpress


cryptocurrency,Elon Musk, Elon Musk may release its cryptocurrency signs on Twitter
Elon Musk may release its cryptocurrency signs on Twitter

A new statement again clouds Bitcoin by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, an American company that manufactures self-propelled cars. In a tweet today, Musk has indicated to bring his cryptocurrency after recently saying that his company did not transact through bitcoin.

After this tweet by Elon Musk went viral, the price of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency markets sees a sharp decline once again. It hit a 2-month low on Thursday, following the tweet by Bitcoin Musk, that Bitcoin fell more than 11 percent and was trading at around $ 50,000 by the time the news was written.

After this sharp decline in bitcoin, Dogecoin has become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market value. According to Binance on Friday, its value has increased by 20% to 52 cents. Various companies are also accepting Dogecoin for payment.

Recently a user from Musk had asked a question on Twitter, why is Musk not creating his cryptocurrency to match all the requirements? To this, Musk responded, "She will (only) do this when Dogecoin is not able to do this. Creating a new cryptocurrency will be very difficult."

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