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Exam News 2021: 9th and 11th students promoted Next Class, Order Issued - Batmi Express

Exam News 2021: 9th will study in class 10th and class 11th students in class 12th. Harsh Mangala, Director of Secondary Education has issued.

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Exam News 2021: 9th and 11th students will be promoted in the next class

Exam News 2021: The Government of Jharkhand has decided to promote the students studying in classes 9th and 11th in the academic session 2020-21 in the academic session 2021-22.

Now the students of class 9th will study in class 10th  and class 11th  students in class 12th. Harsh Mangala, Director of Secondary Education has issued a directive in this regard.

In a letter to all the Deputy Commissioners, they have said that the session of the students studying in the academic year 2020-21 has ended on 31 March.

Jack has so far taken an annual exam for promotion to the next class after the session ends, but state schools are closed, except for a limited period, due to a growing case of the coronavirus.

These schools are not operating physically. In such a situation, the promotion examination of students enrolled in classes 9th and 11th for the academic year 2020-21 could not be conducted.

In such a situation, students of both classes are confused about the promotion. In the middle schools, students from classes 1 to 8 have been promoted to the next class i.e. class 9 in case the school is closed for the entire session.

In view of the case of infection, it is not possible to take the examination of both classes. In such a situation, the new academic session should be started by promoting the children of class 9 to class 10 and children of class 11 to class 12. Students will not be deprived of studies by this.

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