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Chandrapur reports first death due to mucormycosis - BatmiExpress


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Chandrapur reports first death due to mucormycosis

Chandrapur: The country is currently going through a major crisis. Corona's graph is constantly rising. But now the incidence of black fungus is increasing in patients who have been coronary free. This black fungus, which spreads rapidly to the inside of the nose, can cause death. There are currently 50 patients in Chandrapur. Increasingly mycorrhizal mycosis patients in the state are pointing to a critical condition.

Maharashtra has the highest number of corona in the country. Corona has been spreading rapidly across the state since last year. The government and the health department are working hard to address this. But now a new deadly disease is appearing in people who have been released from the corona. The use of steroids during the treatment of corona patients is considered to be the root cause of this disease.

Taking steroid tablets raises blood sugar in the body. After the corona is released, this is the basis on which black fungus, or mycobacterium tuberculosis, is found in the inner part of the nose. So far 50 patients have been diagnosed with this black fungal disease in Chandrapur district. Patients are suffering due to the non-availability of medicines for this disease. The treatment of this disease is the most difficult.

They have a shortage of drugs and injections. Even though a large number of patients are found and hospitalized, the injections required for them are not available in the market and even the experts are confused about the method of treatment.

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