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The world found another ocean: Know its features South Ocean

five oceans in the world,South Ocean near Antarctica,Know its features South Ocean

The world found another ocean: Know its features South Ocean

Mumbai: We all know that 75% of the earth is filled with water. The Amalie Earth is the base of life with seven continents and four oceans. But geography has now added one to this map. According to National Geographic, there are five oceans in the world, not four. The South Ocean near Antarctica is also a separate ocean in its own right, National Geographic said.

Alex Tate, a geographer with the National Geographic Society, said that so far, scientists have considered Antarctica to be independent, the fifth ocean. But there has never been an international consensus on this. Also, this different part of the world is very special and it should be explored along the Arctic, Atlantic side.

It should have a place along with the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This ocean is 60 degrees south of the coast of Antarctica and is separated from other countries by current currents, not by any continent. The area under it is twice that of the United States. The US Geographic Name Board has used the name "South Ocean" since 1999.

This ocean is very important. According to National Geographic Explorer Enrique Sala, a very unique and delicate aquatic ecosystem is found in the South Sea where animals like whales, penguins, and seals live. There are thousands of species that live only here and are nowhere to be found. Fishing in this area has been greatly affected.

Since protection is needed in such situations, it is important to identify it separately. Apart from this, climate change is also being affected. Last month, the world’s largest iceberg moved away from Antarctica.

The Antarctic circumpolar current carries large amounts of water and operates a worldwide system that transfers heat to the Earth. National Geographic has been mapping since 1915. And based on its current, the cartographer said, this ocean is the most recently created ocean under difficult conditions. It was formed 30 million years ago when Antarctica and South America were separated from each other.

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