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Gadchiroli: MBBS doctor student commits suicide by strangulation - BatmiExpress

Gadchiroli,Gadchiroli News,suicide,English News,Gadchiroli: MBBS doctor student commits suicide by strangulation
Gadchiroli: MBBS doctor student commits suicide by strangulation

Gadchiroli: - A young woman who dreamed of becoming a doctor and entered a medical course, suddenly committed suicide by hanging herself at her home on Thursday. Preliminary speculation is that she took the step because of Corona, the lockdown, and the frustration that came with it.

The deceased has been identified as Sneha Bhivaji Hichami (age 21, resident of Ghot). Between 1:30 and 2 p.m., Sneha tied a nylon rope to a fan hanging hook in an empty room adjacent to her house and strangled her.

The house was vacated 8 days ago when the tenant left. Sneha was studying in the second year of MBBS at Government Medical College, Chandrapur. Her father is a police officer and her family consists of a mother and a brother.

The end of the life of a budding girl has brought down a mountain of grief on her family and the village.

Sneha's 'depression'?

Before committing suicide, Sneha had written 'Depression' in English on the wall of the room. She was depressed, but it is not clear what caused her depression. Corona's condition, constant lockdowns, and therefore a poor curriculum schedule have led her to speculate that her dream of becoming a doctor may be shattered.

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