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Shocking! Barabanki villagers jumped into the river to fear of corona vaccination - BatmiExpress


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Barabanki villagers jumped into the river to fear of corona vaccination

Uttar Pradesh:
The corona vaccine is an important weapon in the fight against the corona epidemic. The government started vaccinating citizens above 18 years of age from May 1. Large-scale public awareness is being done for this. However, people still do not seem to dare to get vaccinated.

Currently, there is a huge shortage of vaccines. Rural areas, on the other hand, have various misconceptions about vaccines. While the health department personnel were going to a village to vaccinate, the villagers were found jumping into the Chukka river.

The incident took place in Sisoda village in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. This small village with a population of 1500. A team from the health department went to the village to vaccinate Corona. As soon as the health department staff informed about the vaccination, the villagers went and sat by the river Saryu flowing outside the village. While the health department personnel were on their way to the river, some of them fled when they saw them, while others jumped into the Chukka Saryu river, regardless of their lives.

The intervention of Deputy Collector:

The health department staff tried very hard to convince the villagers, But the villagers were not in the mood to listen to anyone. Eventually, the deputy collector had to intervene. The Deputy Collector tried to dispel the misconceptions in the minds of the villagers. However, even then, people did not listen. Out of 1500, only 14 people were finally vaccinated.

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