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Sindewahi Live: Wildlife rush to human settlements for water...

Sindewahi Live: The wildlife in the Tadoba buffer zone has to roam for water.

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Sindewahi Live: The wildlife in the Tadoba buffer zone has to roam for water. But the forest department watered the forest. But due to lack of water, wildlife has to suffer. Due to water scarcity for the last few days, wild animals are rushing to human settlements for water.

The forest area is the largest part of the forest. As a result, monkeys, bears, tigers, monkeys, deer and other wild animals thrive. The forest department needs to create reservoirs for drinking water for these animals.

With the lowest rainfall this year, water scarcity is felt everywhere. Water is being supplied to human settlements, Waldi-Tandya by tankers.

Even in such a situation, wildlife is also resorting to water as citizens keep water outside their homes for wildlife.

Wildlife has to run to human settlements to quench their thirst. A few days ago, a tiger in search of water attacked an animal near the village.

Therefore, there is a need to build reservoirs for water. Wildlife friends are challenging these animals to cooperate in times of water scarcity

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