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Maharashtra Lockdown Extends by 15 days; New rules on June 1 - BatmiExpress

Maharashtra Lockdown: lockdown will be extended for another 15 days, said Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope.
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Maharashtra Lockdown will increase after 15 days; New rules on June 1  

Maharashtra Lockdown:  While the number of corona patients in Maharashtra is increasing day by day, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had declared a lockdown in all parts of Maharashtra till June 1. While the lockdown is expected to open after June 1, the lockdown will be extended for another 15 days, said Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope.

Corona conditions are improving in various districts of Maharashtra. On the same background, while the number of patients is declining, the positivity rate is still not declining. Therefore, the health minister clarified that he has ordered the administration to increase the testing rate.

The Corona Review Meeting in Maharashtra was held in Pune today. After this meeting, due to the announcement made by Rajesh Tope about the lockdown in Maharashtra, the citizens who were expecting the lockdown in Maharashtra to be fully opened after June 1, are getting a little disappointed.

New rules on lockdown in Maharashtra will be announced on June 1. Rajesh Tope also said that the district collectors in the local administration will be given full authority regarding relaxation. Also, due to the issue of charging exorbitant bills in private hospitals, every bill of the hospital will now be checked, the Health Minister has announced.

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