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Education News: Meeting On Class 12 Board Exams Today - Batmi Express


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Education News: Meeting On Class 12 Board Exams Today

Education News:
The Education Ministry has called a meeting today to decide on pending Class 12 board exams that were earlier postponed in view of the second wave of COVID-19. Education ministers and secretaries of all states and union territories have been asked to attend the meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Almost all state education boards, the CBSE, and the ICSE have postponed their Class 12 examinations. 

The National Testing Agency (NTA) and other national exam conducting institutions have also postponed entrance exams such as JEE Main 2021 and NEET PG 2021. 

The meeting is expected to shed light on the possibilities of devising the Class 12 internal assessment scheme. Furthermore, if the board exams get canceled, the ministers might address how the students will be evaluated in the canceled Class 12th exams. 


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